About Us
Mexico Amigo is a registered, non governmental non partisan charitable organisation (Charity No 1014378 registered in England and Wales) established to preserve and promote the Mexican culture and traditions within the Mexican community in Britain and increase the awareness of these aspects in the British society through fund raising activities aimed to support charitable projects in Mexico.
Mexico Amigo's objectives are to organise cultural events that showcase the Mexican idyosincrasy and traditions, provide a community platform for its members and raise money to support philanthropic projects for disadvantaged and homeless children in Mexico (mostly food and education programmes), normally through fund raising events organised around the dates of relevant Mexican festivities.
Commitment to Transparency
The organisation operates in compliance with the rules and guidelines of the Charity Commission for England and Wales (CCEW, http://www.charity-commission.gov.uk/) and funds its charitable projects and operations through donations received from members and friends, as well as through fund raising activities. In adherence to its statutes, Mexico Amigo is managed by a board of Trustees, integrated by its Honorary Officers, as well as by an Executive Committee, all of whom work as unpaid volunteers.
Our 2010-11 annual return will be filed with the CCEW in November 2011.
Checks and Balances
Mexico Amigo's reception and use of resources is completely transparent and its books and records are open to the examination of its members. Moreover, in specific cases like in the most recent fiscal year, the financial accounts of the company are to be subjected to scrutiny by an independent auditor.
Should you have any questions concerning Mexico Amigo's finances or use of funds, please send us an email to info@mexicoamigo.org
Registered Charity No 1014378
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