Charity Work
Mexico Amigo has supported charitable organisations in Mexico for more than a decade. Our focus is to provide funds that to assist orphaned, homeless or otherwise disadvantaged Mexican children so that they can live a more stable childhood and adolescence, open opportunities for themselves and have an improved outlook in life.
We have provided financial support to several organisations across Mexico, including:
  • PRADE, A. C. (Puebla)
  • MAMA, A. C. (Guadalajara)
  • Casa de Cuna La Paz, A. C. (Mexico City)
  • Canica, A. C. (Oaxaca)
  • Albergue Huayacocotla (Veracruz)
  • Cides, A. C. (Mexico City)
  • Casa Colibri, A. C. (Mexico City)
Mexico Amigo will continue to support these and other organisations that pursue philanthropic and charitable causes in Mexico.
Registered Charity No 1014378
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