Mexico Amigo is a charity founded in London in 1990 by a group of enthusiastic Mexicans, led amongst others by Lady Barclay and Mr Bernardo SepĂșlveda Amor, then Mexican Ambassador to the United Kingdom. The vision of the group was to establish an institution that would, through fund raising activities aimed at supporting philanthropic projects in Mexico, preserve and promote the Mexican culture and traditions amongst the Mexican community in Britain and increase the awareness of these aspects in the wider British society.
Since its formation, Mexico Amigo has been an active advocate of the Mexican culture through the organisation of social events around traditional Mexican festivities, and along the way, it has built a solid community of Mexicans, Britons and foreigners that live in the United Kingdom and share a common passion for and interest in Mexico, its idiosyncrasy and its people.
Throughout the years, with the hard work of its voluntary staff and the generous contributions of members, donors and patrons alike, Mexico Amigo has been able to support several projects aimed at increasing the living conditions of hundreds of disadvantaged children in Mexico.
Registered Charity No 1014378
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